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Paleo Diet Eating Plan

Welcome to The Paleo Diet Eating Plan!

As we are all aware, today’s so called “normal” diet is far removed from the type of healthy eating and nutrition from generations past and even that of our parents and grand parents.
In a return to a menu containing far less processed and man made food, the Paleo diet eating plan main purpose is in improving the quality of our modern day diet which has become significantly tainted.
The Paleo diet eating plan comes from the ideals that many of today’s allergies, medical conditions and genes stem from the distance we have moved away from the life conditions through our evolution from caveman to now – a period of more than a million years.
It could be easily argued that many of today’s nutritional and food health problems come from the fact that our bodies are not fully equipped to deal with the types of food we eat today.
Even though our species has been around for what seems like forever, the human race has only been cultivating plants and farming for approximately 10,000 years. In terms of body evolution, this 10,000 years is but a moment and our bodies simply have not kept up with these changes!

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